Michael J. Levitt Founder & CEO, The Michaels Organization

As founder of The Michaels Organization, Michael J. Levitt has created a  family of companies dedicated to excellence in affordable, mixed-finance, military, and student housing.
His leadership informs both our vision to be the most trusted, cost effective, and innovative housing provider in the nation and our mission to create high-quality and well-managed housing that enhances the lives of our residents and enriches communities.
Within The Michaels Organization, Mr. Levitt has created a culture that embraces innovation, trust, financial stewardship, long-term responsible ownership, and the entrepreneurial spirit. He has tapped experienced professionals from the private and public sector to serve as his executive leadership team, and is engaged in mentoring a new generation of developers who are committed to our core values. His team is empowered to drive business opportunities, make decisions, and innovate the way in which we do business.
In 2012, Michael J. Levitt was named to the Affordable Housing Hall of Fame. 
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