Success Stories


Never Too Old

When she graduated from High School in 2005, Elizabeth Cheatham set her sights on college, so she applied and received a Michaels Organization Educational Foundation Scholarship. At 85 years young, Mrs. Cheatham, a long-time resident of Haddington Elderly entered The Philadelphia Community College to pursue a degree in art. When we caught up with her recently at Haddington Elderly, we asked Mrs. Cheatham, now 91, how it feels to be a successful Michaels Scholar, she said “I feel special.”

The 'Go Getter

Tiffanie, a single mother who resides in a Michaels affordable apartment community in Philadelphia, describes her childhood as “traumatic,” but she did not let the events of her early life slow her down. Despite being in the foster care system and being involved in a serious accident when she was younger, she is a resilient young woman who works hard and is determined to meet her goal of becoming a nurse. She is employed full-time at a hospital while attending school, yet manages to excel and inspire her peers and classmates. A great mother to her young son, Tiffanie is determined to give him the “best of everything,” and he too is excelling in school and in life. When she was named a scholarship recipient, Tiffanie said, “I don’t let my income limitations or my zip code define who we are and put us in a negative category. I am a ‘go getter."

Military Spouses do it Together 

Two married service members stationed at MacDill Air Force Base applied and were awarded scholarships of $3,000 and $3,500, respectively. Both of them planned to use these scholarships towards their college degrees, one for business and one for nursing. At a ceremony recognizing their achievements, Col. Lawrence Martin, 6th Air Mobility Commander for MacDill said, "All of us in the military recognize and value the importance of education, and the military is delighted that The Michaels Organization shares this commitment with us."

The First Timer 

Donald Banks grew up in a Chicago public housing community but that didn't stop him from getting where he wanted to go in life. A three-time scholarship recipient, Banks recently became the first person in his family to earn an advanced degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champagne.

The Successful Author

John Anyang, former resident of Village Park Apartments in Scranton, PA is the author of two books, “Growing Up in Africa” and “Our Dying Churches and The Missing Link”, which he has published in the past two years. John writes about his childhood and education in Ghana, where he lived before he and his family moved to Village Park in February 2000.  Though he was well-educated in Ghana, he quickly realized that he must further his education in America in order to get a career that would support him and his family.  Mr. Anyang received an academic scholarship through The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation program every year he was enrolled.  In January 2005 he graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Still struggling to find sufficient work, he furthered his education and gained a Master’s Degree from Marywood University in an accelerated 1 year program.   In December 2006 he completed his Master’s program with a GPA of 3.76.



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