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Interstate Realty Management Company

Interstate Realty Management Company, AMO, provides exceptional property management services to a diverse range of affordable and mixed-income communities owned by Michaels Development Company and other affordable housing owners. With a nationwide portfolio valued at $1.5 billion, our long-term success can be credited to our focus on best practices, expert procedures, and our commitment to providing our residents with a great place to call home.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in our passion for creating  communities where people are proud to call home. Yes, we are steadfast in our dedication to maintaining the brick and mortar, but we never forget our first priority: our residents.


Mission & Goals 
  • Provide housing that instills in our residents pride in their community
  • Deliver supportive services that enhance the quality of life for our residents
  • Balance the needs of residents and owners to ensure financially viable properties
  • Promote an atmosphere where every employee is a valued team member with opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Exceed the objectives and requirements established by governmental bodies, regulatory agencies, owners, and lenders
  • Promote and facilitate open and clear communication

From the on-site staff, to the regional management team, all the way to our Home Office, we value what we do and the services that we provide.  We are among an elite group of property management firms in the nation  to earn the Accredited Management Organization designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management. We offer a sophisticated and proprietary computerized accounting and financial management system to ensure compliance and financial accountability, and we are committed to maintaining properties that are long-term assets to the community.

With an average occupancy rate of 95% and REAC scores averaging 90, IRM provides hiqh-quality housing to 100,000 residents across the country in communities they can be proud to call home.





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