Supportive Services

Strategic Partnership | Better Tomorrows
Better Tomorrows, our strategic partner for on-site supportive services delivery, is a 501 C3 non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen and empower low income individuals, families, and communities. Through a unique and comprehensive social support model, Better Tomorrows provides a continuum of services aimed at promoting educational success, fostering healthy lifestyles, and achieving economic independence and stability for all of its residents. 
Before becoming a non-profit organization in 2013, Better Tomorrows was incubated as part of The Michaels Organization, as the award-winning social services department of Interstate Realty Management. Interstate Realty Management was among the very first affordable housing property management companies to create a social services program when it founded the department in 1989.

Better Tomorrows currently provides and coordinates services to residents
at nearly 100 properties throughout the Michaels portfolio and is HUD’s most active Neighborhood Networks Partner, with 66 official Neighborhood Network training sites at properties across the country.
Programming includes:
  • Adult education
  • Job training
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Extensive after-school and summer enrichment programs 


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