• Regency Park
Coatesville, PA

Our Approach

The success of our resident families is a critical component of our goal in creating and maintaining thriving communities.  IRM has a long history of both directly providing supportive services and coordinating with local community organizations to ensure residents of all income ranges have access to the resources they need.

  • Tampa, FL
Resident services at each IRM-managed community typically begins with the preparation of a site-specific plan by an on-site Resident Services Coordinator, employed by our Supportive Services partner, The non-profit organization Better Tomorrows. The Coordinator solicits input from residents and local supportive services providers, such as government agencies, schools, and charitable organizations, to determine the needs of the community and to identify current assets already working to meet those needs. Once needs and assets have been identified, we then work together with local agencies to provide direct services to residents.



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