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For the Michaels Development Company, creating sustainable developments is no longer the exception, but rather the rule. We take an environmentally sound approach to building practices tailored to each geographic area, and we are committed to leading the industry in building techniques that are “green” and that ensure long-term operational savings.

We  have established five main priorities in approaching sustainability

Minimize Utility Consumption.  In addition to reducing the “carbon footprint” of a development, minimizing utility usage reduces costs to the residents and the owner, and therefore is critical maintaining long-term affordability for a development. 

Reducing Maintenance Expenses. Smart design can accomplish this important goal, for instance, by selecting landscaping that requires a minimum of ongoing maintenance, and flooring materials that do not need to be replaced as often upon turnover. 

Minimize Impact on the Storm Water System.  Storm water runoff control is a major priority for the many cities.  When developing in urban areas, we strive to develop innovative and cost-effective techniques to have rainwater remain on site, and used as an asset, when possible. 

Improving Indoor Air Quality has an impact on residents’ health outcomes, including the incidence of asthma, and on the long-term maintenance of buildings, and avoiding mold and “sick building” syndrome. Devising ways to improve continuous fresh air circulation, and using materials which do not have a negative impact on air quality, such as low or no VOC products, is promoted.

Financially Responsible Introduction of Innovative Technologies.  Green technologies are changing and improving very rapidly bringing new approaches to improving building performance and enhance sustainability.    We have introduced many new technologies in our development, including geothermal for HVAC, wind turbines for power, permeable pavers that reduce that catalyze greenhouse gases, and photovoltaic panels for heating water and electric generation. We seek to remain ahead of the curve as an early adopter of innovation, when financial prudent. 

  • Gloucester City, NJ


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