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Community Memories:
These are large, one time events that residents will treasure and always remember.
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IRonwood housing (e1-E9)
colorado housing (e7-e9, o1-o7)
ironwood Civilian Housing 
Colorado civilian housing

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Current Residents

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To Place a Service Order call (928) 329-9014
or email Maggie at MPOFFENROTH@TMO.COM

Normal business hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Closed for Federal Holidays)

After hours non-emergencies will be responded to next BUSINESS day. 

For emergency calls, follow the telephone operator's instructions.

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Incoming Residents


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To submit an application:

 Military Families

If you do not have an AKO, or wish to submit an application for housing in writing,  please download and print the application.
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 Civilian Families

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What is military family housing privatization?
The Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) is a public/private program whereby private sector developers may own, operate, maintain, improve and assume responsibility for military family housing, where doing so is economically advantageous and national security is not adversely affected. The MHPI was enacted on February 10, 1996, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1996. Under the MHPI authorities, the Department of Defense (DoD) can work with the private sector to revitalize military family housing. 

How will rent be paid to Desert Oasis Communities and what does it cover? 
The BAH is paid as rent and reasonable utilities. Service members will pay their BAH in the form of an allotment. BAH covers electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, and trash collection.  

Who is going to start and stop my allotment?
When you sign the lease, you will start your allotment for your rent which is your BAH. For current housing residents, Desert Oasis Communities will make this transaction on your behalf. For new residents (those that apply for on-post housing after 1 April, 2009) Desert Oasis Communities will coordinate for the financial transaction to occur. Military pay will process the payment. When you clear your home, you will stop your allotment for your rent. 

Do I need renters insurance? 
Yes, renters insurance is strongly encouraged. Desert Oasis Communities recommends no less than $20,000 in personal property coverage, and $100,000 in liability coverage. 

Will military members still have the option to live off-post?
Yes, military members still have the option to rent or purchase a home or apartment off-post. Personnel choosing to live off-post are encouraged to utilize the Army Housing Services offices to find a home off-post. 

Will I ever have to be relocated? 
If your home is scheduled to be demolished before your planned transfer from Yuma Proving Ground, you will have to be relocated. You will be given 120 days notice in the event that you have to be relocated. After 1 April 2009, Desert Oasis Communities will pay for this move. 

If I have to be relocated, will Desert Oasis Communities relocate me to a home off-post?
Desert Oasis Communities does not relocate military families to homes off-post. 

During demolition and construction, will there be a timeline for if and when we have to relocate?
In the preliminary phasing plan, demolition and construction will be phased to occur during the time the unit is vacated. If homes are occupied as we near the demolition phase, Desert Oasis Communities will pay for relocation. For homes scheduled for remodeling, Desert Oasis Communities will attempt to remodel while the unit is vacant. However, homes may be occupied during minor and medium renovations. If there is a need to relocate, the family will be moved to an upgraded home on Yuma Proving Ground at Desert Oasis Communities expense. 

Are pets allowed?
The existing Yuma Proving Ground policy for pets will remain in effect. The current policy is for each resident to be allowed 3 pets (cats and dogs). For current residents, Desert Oasis Communities will honor all agreements previously made with the government housing office. Residents, who sign after 1 April, 2009 will be required to abide by the Desert Oasis Communities policy outlined in the Yuma Proving Ground Resident Guide. 

Who will be doing service requests for my home?
Desert Oasis Communities maintenance staff will be handling all service requests for the residents.

Will there continue to be a Self-help program?
The self-help program will go away and Desert Oasis Communities will maintain the homes. There will be limited materials that will be available at the facilities office. 

What are the requirements for vacating my home?
A 30-days written notice must be given to terminate the lease. If the family wants to vacate prior to the expiration of the Resident Occupancy Agreement they must give at least 15 days notice AND are responsible for the BAH until the end of the Resident Occupancy Agreement or until the home is re-rented. Exceptions will be made for deployment or PCS. 

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Yuma Proving Ground Schools
K-5th Grade Click on the following link for further information  James D. Price School
Yuma Area Schools
6th- 8th Grade - Castle Dome Middle School  Click the following link for further information  Yuma School District
Yuma High School
9-12th Grade- Gila Ridge High School   Click on the follwoing link for further information  Yuma Union High School



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