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To Place a Service Order call (913) 651-3838, or click here to email your service request.

Normal business hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  After hours NON-EMERGENCIES will be responded to next BUSINESS day. 

For emergency calls, follow the telephone operator's instructions.
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    flfhc resident handbook updated 4 february 2015 current renters insurance information

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    flfhc housing application jan 2015 3

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    Change in renters insurance coverage

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The Army’s RCI Resident Utility Policy is based on the OSD policy to provide incentives to residents to conserve energy. The partnership between the Army and private developers supports this effort by providing incentives to occupants of privatized housing to decrease utility consumption and save energy. To view the Army’s RCI Resident Utility Policy, go to the document download tab.

 Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities Utility Conservation Program uses the current consumption method which is similar to many other Army installations. The difference at Fort Leavenworth is that a 10% high/low buffer is used in the calculation with a $25 threshold. For further details concerning Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities Utility Conservation Program, go to the document tab.

If you have questions regarding Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities Utility Conservation Program, please contact Kay Brown (913) 828-5145 or email

What is Energy Conservation?

Energy conservation usually involves changes in habits and other no-cost actions, such as turning off lights when not in use, reducing hot water heater temperatures, car-pooling and combining shopping trips. It is one of the cheapest, cleanest ways to reduce energy use, energy prices, and pollution, helping to extend our nation’s energy supplies.

How Will I Know That My Meter Is No Longer Working?

Both electric and gas meters are similar to a battery in a watch. When the watch battery is dying, it either slows down making you late for your next appointment or it stops completely and makes you very late. A meter that is dying will also either slow down and show a reduction in consumption or it will stop and show no consumption. This will result in you noticing a higher than expected refund amount. A failing meter will not result in a higher bill.

Super Saver of the Month

Nominate your family for a chance to be our next Super Saver of the Month. Drop off a Super Saver of the Month Nomination Form along with a copy of your most recent utilities statement by the 21st of the current month (or the date indicate on each month's "Heritage Community Connection" newsletter. (Form can be found in the document download tab)

Each month, one winner will be selected from the forms that were submitted by the 21st and that particular winning family will receive a $25 AAFES gift card. A profile of the winning family, including examples of the steps they have taken to conserve utilities in their home, will be published in the FLFHC Newsletter as well as the FLFHC Housing Update Lamp articles.

Super Saver of the Month winners will be eligible for the Super Saver of the Year Award (which includes a generous family prize pack).  The Super Saver of the Year will be recognized on Environmental Awareness Day in May.

Floor Plans

Permanent Party Enlisted

Permanent party officer

ILE Student

Cheyenne Village (Senior NCO)

Kansa Village (Junior Enlisted)
Main Post (Senior NCO)

New Oregon Village (Senior NCO)

Osage Village (Jr NCO - Sr NCO)

Ottawa Village (Jr Enlisted - Jr NCO with 4 BR need)

South Osage (Sr NCO)

Normandy Village

Iowa Village (Field Grade) 

Main Post (Field Grade)
  • 3 Bedroom Download
  • 5 Bedroom *please contact housing coordinator for more information*

New Oregon Village (Field Grade) 

New Pawnee Village (Field Grade)    
  • 3 Bedroom Download
  • 4 Bedroom *same as New Oregon floor plan*

Nez Perce Village (LTC - COL)

Old Pawnee Village (Company Grade)

Pottawatomie Village (Company Grade)

Pottawatomie Village (ADA)

Pottawatomie Village (Field Grade)

Pottawatomie Village (Field Grade)

Lower Kansa Village (LTC-COL)

Infantry Barracks

Kickapoo Village

Old Oregon Village

Santa Fe Village

Shawnee Village

Wint Village

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The RCI plan is to privatize family housing at 45 installations, encompassing almost 85,000 family housing units. So far the Army has invested over $1.0 billion, resulting in over $10.9 billion of private capital to significantly improve the quality of life for soldiers and their families.

Where we are today:

One of the most profound benefits to privatized housing is that the money collected through rent (BAH) is invested directly back into improving housing at Fort Leavenworth and the costs associated with managing these homes. According to traditional spending, it would have taken the DoD 30 years and 7 billion dollars to get all of the family housing up to date. With the privatization of housing, homes meet or exceed Army standards typically within just 10 years time. By the summer of 2010, the total number of new homes delivered to Fort Leavenworth residents was over 500. 

We recently sent out housing surveys to a selected group of residents.  All surveys received by our office were entered into our drawing for one of two $75 AAFES gift cards.  The winning numbers are 776544 and 776212.  Please bring your part of the winning number to claim your prize! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to fill out our survey.  Your feedback is valued and greatly appreciated!

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    flfhc resident handbook updated 4 february 2015 current renters insurance information

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    flfhc housing application jan 2015 3

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    pet addendum updated oct 2014

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Community Memories:
These are large, one time events that residents will treasure and always remember.
  • Holiday Events
  • Block Parties
Community Wellness: Activities that promote health and wellness.
  • Slim Down Fort Leavenworth
Community Learning: New experiences                                         
  • Cooking Classes                            
Community Experiences: These are recurring, scheduled events.
  • Bowling Events
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Children Birthday Drawings
  • Children Coloring Contests
  • Office Contests


Valentine's Day

Holiday Stories with Santa

thanksgiving cooking class

Pair Day

Earth Day Paint & Plant 

slim down fort leavenworth challenge

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