Community Connections

The mission of the Community Connections program is to help our residents connect with one another, connect with organizations on the base, and help facilitate connections with the surrounding community. In other words, our program helps our military families fit into their new assignment. The Community Connection Program is led by the Community Concierge and centers on four key areas: 

  • Memory Making features onetime events that each resident will treasure and hold on to that memory for a lifetime. 
  • Experiences are recurring events that our residents participate in as a group such as: reading clubs, summer clubs for kids, movie afternoons, and neighborhood pot luck lunches. These events help the resident "connect" with other similarly minded residents.
  • Learning events bring talented people to deliver fun and informative information to the residents. Cooking classes, wine pairing with meals, computer classes, and children's art classes are a few fun ideas for events. 
  • Physical refers to activities that bring residents or children together by doing something that will enhance their health and wellness. Some examples are dog walking clubs, stroller volksmarches, Mommy and Me play groups, and kid/parent Olympics.

By partnering with the local businesses and community-based groups, our Community Connections program also ensures that the personnel new to our communities are provided with the opportunities to get to know the benefits and services available in neighborhoods surrounding the installation.  The programs are designed to specifically cater to military families and take into consideration all of the necessary support that one would need as a member of a military family whether their entire family is on base or members are serving deployment.  

One of our most appreciated programs is the Deployed Spouses Program which provides support to families that experience deployment during their time living in our housing.  Michaels Military Housing offers extra services to these families and provides support while offering "peace of mind" to the deployed Service Members, who can be confident that their families are being taken care of by their community and MMH. Any extra assistance we can provide to support these families during the term of deployment, we will do, such as maintain their yards or help decorate their homes for the holidays.



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