Michaels Military Housing has pioneered innovations as it works to provide the best homes and living experiences for our military residents, while being a trusted and cost-effective partner to the Department of Defense.

Local Builders.
Michaels Military Housing has taken advantage of favorable housing market construction prices over the past several years in both Kansas and Arizona to look to leading local builders for new homes being developed at Ft. Leavenworth and Ft. Huachuca.

These local builders have been honored to work on post and grateful for the work following the downturn in the market. Their prices are better than big national builders and -- perhaps best of all -- the homes they deliver on post rival the best of homes in the local neighborhoods.  Thanks to focus groups held with our residents, the particular needs of military families have been addressed in these new homes.  The result is a win-win-win all around.

Environmentally Conscious Building

Our commitment to green building  includes the deconstruction of all old homes being demolished at the posts where we're developing the family housing. Deconstruction is the process of “deconstructing” old homes and salvaging any useable building materials. As a way to also help needy families in the area, MMH donates all salvageable building materials to local nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity.

The Habitat for the Humanity’s Restore sells any usable materials recovered at a deep discount to area families, including many Army veterans who live in the community, with revenues directly benefitting Habitat's primary mission of housing low-income families.

Habitat for Humanity's Restore estimates that $60,000 worth of building materials were salvaged from the 262 homes being demolished at Fort Huachuca were subsequently sold or donated to homes for the needy.  The materials also represented approximately 48.3 tons of materials that will be diverted from the Arizona landfills.

Michaels Military Housing was the first private housing partner to the Department of Defense to offer scholarships to residents. 
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