Mountain Vista Communities celebrated turning 7 with a resident Birthday Bash! Over 100 families received prizes and enjoyed nachos, live music, frisbee golf and several other activities! 

    Application Process

    For waitlist placement, application packets accompanied by orders may be submitted 90 days prior to your requested housing date.  Please contact your Leasing Specialist if you do not yet have orders at the 90-day point. Applying prior to arrival is strongly encouraged! 
    You will find the application below.
    • pdf

      application for housing

    • pdf

      Wait List Procedure as Directed by Department of the Army Residential Communities Initiative

    The following documents MUST be included with your Application:
    • Orders to Fort Huachuca
    • D1172-2 DEERS Enrollment Verification Form or another form of dependent verification.  Contact your Leasing Specialist for approved alternatives.
    • DA31 Please submit a working copy with your application, followed by a fully signed (block 14) version prior to lease signing.
    • Most recent end of month LES showing BAH status.
    • Applicants returning from an unaccompanied tour will submit orders for Fort Huachuca, as well as orders for the unaccompanied tour.  Placement on the waitlist will be based on the report date for the unaccompanied tour.

    PLEASE NOTE: MVC will not accept a photo for any of the above documents. You may submit as a .pdf or .jpeg but a photograph of a document will not meet requirements. Documents containing security features need to be printed, scanned and emailed, as they cannot be opened on our computers. 

    Submitting Your Application Packet

    Refer to the Application Process and requirements outlined to ensure your packet is complete. 
    PLEASE NOTE: MVC will not accept a photo for any of the above documents. You may submit as a .pdf or .jpeg but a photograph of a document will not meet requirements.


    For general information about Mountain Vista Communities or information on faxing or mailing your application, please call 520-515-9000 or email your Leasing Specialist.

     Emailing Your Application (preferred method): 


    Your Leasing Specialist will contact you within five business days of receiving your application.  To prevent miscommunication regarding your application, please wait five business days before contacting our office with questions or changes regarding your application. 

    Walk-In Applicants:  
    • Walk-in applicants within 30 days of their PCS arrival date will have an eligibility date from their DA 31 form.
    • Walk-in applicants after 30 days of their PCS date will have an eligibility date equal to the date when the application and all necessary documentation are received.
    For neighborhood photos, descriptions and virtual tours please click here. 

    Get To Know Your Welcoming Committee!

    Monica Duvernay, Leasing Specialist E1-E6

  • Military Housing?!?! In the 28 years of mine and my spouse's ENTIRE ARMY careers, we chose not to live in housing. When we got to Fort Huachuca, we quickly learned that living on the Installation is fantastic! Not only are the homes newer and very well maintained, but the people really care. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would be a housing specialist, but I strive to uphold the high standards that MVC has always given my family. I can relate to the stressors of arriving at a new duty station and all that it entails, PCS-ing is never fun. My daily goal is to provide a smooth transition for all of our incoming soldiers and their families.  When I’m not serving our residents, I work at the oldest commercial winery in the state of Arizona. Let’s get you ready to start your next adventure. Welcome Home!

    Stephanie Martin, Leasing Specialist E7 and Up

  • Our family came to Ft Huachuca (kicking and screaming!) in 1991, courtesy of the US Army.  We quickly fell in love with the natural beauty of the area and laid back atmosphere.  After 22 years in the Army, my husband retired out of the 40th ESB.  We now have no desire to be anywhere else!  I have been married to my husband for 37 years and for the first 22 years of our marriage, followed him to Germany and back twice, as well as numerous assignments stateside. We have two gorgeous daughters, two handsome sons-in-law and four amazing grandchildren.  Our daughters and sons-in-law all serve or have served the military community in one capacity or another (active duty, civil service, educator, personal trainer).  As empty nesters, we now share our home with an aging feline and one very silly Rottridor (half Labrador, half Rottweiler). I have been with Mountain Vista Communities since 2012. I consider it an honor and a blessing to serve our military and strive to make your housing experience as painless, and hopefully even enjoyable, as possible.  Welcome home! 

  • E1 - E6 Applicants

    Monica Duvernay can be reached at 520-515-9000 or by email at mduvernay@tmo.com
    "Monica was amazing. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and helped make my transition to this duty station easy. Especially since this is my first time ever living in housing."

    E7 & Up Applicants

    Stephanie Martin can be reached at 520-515-9000 or by email at smartin@tmo.com  
    "Stephanie is a tremendously professional leasing agent and has gone out of her way to help our family transition to the installation housing" - Anonymous CEL Survey Comment, 2016

    Rachel Griffo, Turn Inspector

  • I joined the Mountain Vista Communities team in October 2013. In my position, I meet with residents upon their arrival to Fort Huachuca as well as when they vacate for quality assessments on their home. The detail required for a home inspection can be a meticulous challenge, but I strive to ensure residents are well-informed and completely satisfied when the visit is complete. The people I work with and the skills I have learned while on the job such as basic plumbing, electrical and carpentry repairs make my job pleasurable.  As a Sierra Vista native with a father that was in the National Guard for 23 years, stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, I find satisfaction when speaking with the residents about their previous experiences overseas or at other duty stations. That connection allows me to naturally want to be a part of MVC. Thank you for your service! Be well and Welcome Home!

    Tom Foreman, Turn Inspector

  • I have been a Turn Inspector for the Mountain Vista Communities Maintenance Team since 2014 and I was a Renovation Supervisor in the historic homes from 2010 to 2012. As a Turn Inspector, I am responsible for ensuring all maintenance, cleaning, and painting meet standards set by MVC and our Army partners prior to new families arriving to Fort Huachuca. I often meet with residents during their inspections when they first occupy their home or when vacating to another duty station. I have been in Sierra Vista since 2001 and I stay busy with my wife and daughter in my spare time. Family is important to me and when I have a chance to interact with residents as they see their new home for the first time, it is always an exciting moment for me. It is a pleasure to serve those who serve our country, I respect our service members and I take pride in ensuring all repairs are met prior to a new family moving in to one of our homes. Welcome Home! 

    Housing Management Office • BLDG 52065 Smith Street                            (520) 515-9000 • FAX (520) 515-9006

    Maintenance Office • 110 Meyer Avenue

    (520) 458-5885 • FAX (520) 458-4707