Cavalry Park 2

  • Cavalry Park 2 consists of 12 historic, single family homes located along Brown Parade Field. Although very similar in appearance from the exterior, they are all slightly different inside and each has its own historic flair. All but one are 2 story, with the oldest house on post – the old post hospital – being the exception. Constructed in the 1880’s, over the years all homes have been continuously renovated to keep up with contemporary housing requirements. This community received a major historic renovation between 2010 and 2014 including entirely new modern kitchen and bath replacements, redesigned Master Bedroom Suites, and increased closet storage all while preserving the classic appeal of the 1900’s. This community is open to O6 and above. 


    Housing Management Office • BLDG 52065 Smith Street                            (520) 515-9000 • FAX (520) 515-9006

    Maintenance Office • 110 Meyer Avenue

    (520) 458-5885 • FAX (520) 458-4707