Signal Village

  • Signal Village consists of 44 single family homes arranged in an isolated circle and located along the southern boundary of post, with amazing views of the Huachuca Mountains. These houses were constructed in 2012 and  2013, built based upon comments from resident working groups to finalize finishes and fixtures including granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, gas fireplaces and solar lighting. Twenty-three are 4 bedroom homes specifically designed for Senior Officers. These homes face the mountains and are the largest new homes on the installation, with 2,774 square feet of living space, large master suites, split design, spacious kitchens, living and dining rooms. The other 21 homes in this neighborhood are similarly finished for Field Grade Officers. This neighborhood is open to W3-W5 and O4-O6, based on availability.


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      Signal Village Field Grade Officer Interior Photos


    Housing Management Office • BLDG 52065 Smith Street                            (520) 515-9000 • FAX (520) 515-9006

    Maintenance Office • 110 Meyer Avenue

    (520) 458-5885 • FAX (520) 458-4707