Building upon an extensive and continuing outreach process, HACLA and the Master Developer team of The Michaels Organization and BRIDGE Housing are developing a Human Capital Plan to positively transform resident and neighborhood life by expanding economic and human service opportunities, with a goal of increasing family economic success.

Throughout the redevelopment process, the Human Capital Plan will be implemented with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for residents and the surrounding community. To accomplish this, physical development will be linked to program planning so that social programs and services are incorporated in the master plan and its maps. The team will look at the whole community and its surrounding assets including schools, child care, health care, parks,community safety, environmental safety, social services, job creation, youth development, adult enrichment, opportunities for economic activity and collaborations with local community development corporations, faith-based institutions and others to maximize access for residents to sustainable resources.

The Jordan Downs Community Advisory Committee (JDCAC) will be active in all the steps of the redevelopment process, providing advice and communicating the needs and desires of the residents. HACLA and JDCAC will host a series of public meetings to plan for every stage of the redevelopment process.

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