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Michaels Celebrates National On Site Apartment Day

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The Multifamily Industry has designated today, August 12, as "National On-Site Apartment Teams," day. This new day of recognition is intended to highlight and thank apartment community on-site teams for their many hours of dedication to sheltering residents, managing properties, and keeping operations running. 

They all deserve a moment of gratefulness and gratitude, and so today we celebrate all of Michaels Management -- affordable living, student living, and military living--teammates for their amazing work, always, but especially during the stressful, unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The word "essential," has never meant as much as it does in this moment.

"This and every day, we extend our own sincere appreciation to each and every one of you. We have been impressed and encouraged with the manner in which you, collectively and with dedication, tenacity, and resolve, address difficult issues head-on in the midst of a national health crisis," Kimberlee Schreiber, president of Michaels Management, Affordable Living, wrote to her on-site team. "We know of instances in which many of you have gone ‘above and beyond’ what might reasonably be expected in order to maintain the stability and livability of your communities," wrote Kimberlee.

Ron Hansen, President of Michaels Management, Military, joined in with his praise for our teammates working on the military installations where we manage the privatize housing: "Every day we provide enjoyable homes in wonderful communities to service members and their families," said Ron. "While they deploy throughout the world to defend our nation, their families remain with us. No matter the weather or the world conditions, we are there to get the job done." 

Michelle Dixon, who heads up Michaels Management for our student housing portfolio, added her thanks and admiration for her teammates as well. 

"We continue to be impressed by our site teams and their diligence in performing their jobs during this challenging time," Michelle wrote in a letter to her team. "It is both encouraging and gives hope for a better future for the company and the world as we all come together as one," said Michelle.

Michaels Management has sent lunches to all our communities today, and invited all our teammates to enjoy each other and relish in their accomplishments, and feel the gratitude of all of us in the corporate and regional offices.

"Our business of housing and lifting lives is essential and our on-site teams are essential to our business and to us," said John O'Donnell, CEO. "I thank each and every one of you and I'm super proud to be your teammates," John said.  

See the new photos below from our day of celebrating our dedicated team members who  keep our properties running efficiently and thoughtfully--taking care of our residents' homes, while Lifting Lives every day!

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