A career with Michaels comes with the opportunity to help make the world a better place and we couldn’t be more thrilled that you are considering accepting that responsibility and incredible reward.

  • Our collaborative, team-centric approach to business means someone will always have your back on the job.
  • Because innovation is a part of who we are, you’ll have the opportunity to constantly evolve and learn along with us.
  • No matter the project or task at hand, we put the happiness and satisfaction of our employees first.
  • You will be supported on your career journey, allowing you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone.
  • We believe in working hard, and playing just as hard!
  • We’re committed to making our workplace an inclusive environment that celebrates our differences and embraces diversity.

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Our Employees Know Us Best

Jed Henderson

Vice President of Michaels Finance

"I started working at Michaels when I was 16 years old during high school breaks. I became a full-time employee a little over 20 years ago, I couldn't imagine being a part of any other organization."

Takieya Renfro

Regional Property Manager

"This company recognizes that employee satisfaction is the backbone of a happy workforce."

Judy Finch

Community Manager

"The work I do is so awesome I love being a manager and helping residents and dealing with them one on one."

Core Values

Our organization’s unique corporate culture is driven by a clear sense of purpose. How we accomplish the extraordinary task of creating communities that lift lives are summed up in eight action-oriented Core Values. It is this commitment to our stakeholders, and indeed to each other, that makes our organization uniquely Michaels.


If you see a chance to make a difference, don’t wait until the time is right. The time is now.


We remain open to possibilities, ever curious about the next big thing for all of us. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and to recommend we try something new.

Let’s go out
a little

Pioneering, innovating, and “going beyond” are all part of our DNA, so if you see a chance to go out a little further, take it.

I got
your back

We respect our individualism while knowing our success depends on this golden rule: all for one and one for all. Together we build communities.

the job

We plan carefully, we triple-check. We talk with and learn from one another. Our partners learn to trust our point of view because we’ve actually been there and done that.

it real

When we say we’ll do something, we do it. We speak up, and more importantly, we listen.

Do well by
doing the

We invest in people, living and learning; anything we can do to help lift lives to the next level, and build great equity for all involved.


We take our mission seriously, but never ourselves. Seriously, we work hard, play hard, and believe in laughing out loud.

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More About What Matters to Us

Our Inclusion and Diversity Vision


At Michaels, we believe we fulfill our mission of Lifting Lives when everyone has the opportunity to be included. When we say everyone, we mean EVERY ONE. We embrace and leverage our individual differences to the benefit of our teammates, our business, and the communities we serve.

Together, we strive for the highest ground, where a diversity of experience, background, individual identity, thought, and perspective are treasured; and where our commitment to an inclusive culture fosters a sense of belonging.

Doing the Extraordinary

Investing in learning has always been at the forefront of our company. Our nonprofit affiliate, The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation has helped thousands of our residents achieve their dreams of higher education. We’re confident that this commitment to others makes coming to work every day that much better.

Culture is Everything

There’s a reason why we emphasize “laugh anytime” and carpe diem,”: it’s because we believe in a company culture that exceeds employee expectations and focuses on happiness. Employee satisfaction will always be at the forefront of our values. 

Take Care of Yourself

Choose from a variety of plans that will best serve your needs and lifestyle. We offer medical options that include features like vision, dental, health savings and health reimbursement accounts so you can remain happy, healthy and well taken care of. An employee assistance program is also available to accommodate additional wellness needs.

Balance Work and Life

As much as we love to see your smiling face every day, we understand the importance of time off. Michaels provides sick, vacation, holiday and personal paid time off so you’re recharged and ready to lift lives!

Make Wellness a Priority

We believe that investing in your wellness has a positive impact on the lives you touch and the communities you’re a part of. That’s why we offer a wellness rewards program for both you and your family that’s meant to offset the cost of insurance and stimulate your health progress.

Keep Your Finances in Check

Flexible spending accounts and a financial wellness program means you can worry less about money to focus more on your work, family and happiness.

Plan for Your Future

With life insurance and 401K retirement plan options, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re setting yourself up for a successful future.

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A Job That Benefits Your Life

Scholarships for Children of Employees

At Michaels, education has long been something we want to invest in, that’s why children of employees are eligible to apply for our Michaels Employee Scholarship Program.

Learning Center

Our founder Mike Levitt is not only a housing visionary but also a world-record-holding angler. Mike attributes his success in both business and sport fishing, in part, to his willingness to “go out a little further.” That’s why we offer classes and workshops that allow you to grow professionally and personally, encouraging you to take your career even further.

Opportunities to Give Back

Whether we’re donating hundreds of turkeys to locals in need during Thanksgiving, or partnering with nonprofit organization Better Tomorrows to provide supportive services to our affordable housing communities, we’re constantly looking for ways to give back to our neighbors.

Our Teams

Every employee and team are a part of our larger Michaels family, each with a crucial purpose that helps support our overall mission to lift lives. We all are essential, and we all have each other’s backs.

Corporate Support
Corporate Support

Our headquarters in Camden New Jersey is home to a variety of departments and teams that are always going out a little further to innovate and pioneer. From Marketing and IT, to Human Resources and Administration, you’re sure to find a position that best fits your unique skills.


You can walk the job every day with a role in construction. We offer opportunities across the country that will fit your specific background.

Community Management and Support
Community Management and Support

Carpe diem! The time is now to make a difference at the community level with a management or support role at one of our many residential properties.

Development and Finance
Development and Finance

Our development and finance teams are never keeping the status quo-- they stay open to new possibilities and need your expertise to make it all happen!

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Devoted to Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing Our Differences

Diversity is a strength we embrace, not for the sake of demographics and numbers, but for diversity of thought, diversity of experience, diversity of approach, leading to diversity of solutions. We truly believe that a diverse, engaged staff leads to better outcomes for this organization and gives us a competitive edge.

The Michaels Inclusion and Diversity Council

At Michaels we call each other “family,” and we understand how much weight that word carries. It pushes us to make sure every Michaels teammate not only feels that their opinion matters, but that they belong. That’s why in 2020 we enacted the Inclusion and Diversity Council, a group of individuals with various backgrounds that will lead and enact standards that will support our efforts to constantly progress as a company.



We are honored and privileged to serve those who serve our country. And we know that veterans make great teammates. Their dedication, commitment to their teammates, and sense of pride is unique. Not only do the people around them benefit from this, but so does our organization. We are dedicated to helping our veterans succeed and we welcome your experience and unique skills to help us as we continue to lift lives.