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The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation

Helping educational dreams become reality

Our founder, Mike Levitt, has embedded in our corporate culture a deep commitment to doing well by doing the extraordinary. We invest not only in living, but also in learning. Foremost in this effort is enhancing educational opportunities for our residents. Throughout its history, our nonprofit affiliate, The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation has helped thousands of our residents achieve their dreams of higher education, including many older and nontraditional students. All Michaels’ residents are eligible to apply and may reapply each year of their education for continuing grants.

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Supporting lives, bettering communities

Our strategic partnership with the nonprofit organization Better Tomorrows enables us to offer a diverse range of supportive services to our affordable housing communities. Better Tomorrows focuses its programming on four key outcome areas: financial stability, educational success, health and wellness, and building strong communities.

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Michaels Launches Internship Program With Camden High School

Michaels has partnered with Mastery High School of Camden, NJ as they pilot a new 18-week internship program.  After completing career development courses in the fall, the students are now wrapping up internships at various companies throughout Camden.   Fifteen students who selected Michaels to complete their internships were invited to our Camden properties and […]

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