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Mayor Of Atlantic City And The Michaels Organization Unveil Intensive Youth Training And Apprenticeship Program

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Atlantic City, NJ – On Wednesday, June 1st, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, Sr., and The Michaels Organization announced details of a new opportunity for Atlantic City youth to gain knowledge and training in all aspects of real estate construction, including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roofing. Small and executives from Michaels were joined by the aspiring young builders, as well as community leaders and neighborhood residents, at Buzby Homes, the affordable housing community being redeveloped by Michaels in partnership with the Atlantic City Housing Authority (ACHA). The Buzby Homes redevelopment site will be the setting for much of the teaching and hands-on experience offered to students in the program.

The youth training and education program is sponsored by The Michaels Organization and will run for 12 weeks in Atlantic City this summer. All of the students participating in the program are residents of Atlantic City. The students will have the opportunity to obtain official construction certifications and credentials with which to build their resumes, including the OSHA-10 certification required by many employers.

“Today is the day these Atlantic City youth start a new chapter in their lives, and it is indeed a proud day for them and their families,” said Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, Sr. “This program provides a life-changing opportunity to develop both hard and soft skills needed in building a career in the construction trades. And I couldn’t think of a company better equipped to guide these students on their way than The Michaels Organization.”

“The Atlantic City community is filled with so much untapped talent, and it will be an honor to observe first-hand the journey of these students over the next 12 weeks,” said Nick Cangelosi, Vice President of Development at The Michaels Organization. “The Michaels Organization has big plans for them and will connect them with mentors across the construction spectrum who can help them explore which trades they wish to further pursue. We’re so excited to get started.”

“I am grateful to be part of this initiative that will open doors for the young people of our community,” said Denise Gordy, Acting Executive Director of ACHA. “My hope is that this summer program inspires them to choose to embark on a long, successful career in construction and related fields.”

This isn’t the first time Michaels has engaged youth on their development projects. Michaels invited members of Camden’s YouthBuild program to participate in redeveloping the Branch Village affordable housing community, as well. There Camden students and recent graduates came to Branch Village in their free time to observe and learn from the workers.

Atlantic City students will primarily be learning on the Buzby Homes site, the 126-unit affordable housing community which, until recently, had remained largely untouched since its construction in 1952. The $15.4 million redevelopment broke ground in December 2021 and incorporates new sustainability and flood resiliency designs, as well as job opportunities for Buzby and surrounding residents.

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