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Michaels Names Nichol Corbin Winner Of Second Annual Jackie Jones Award

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Created in 2021, The Jackie Jones Award honors an individual or group of teammates who have been a dynamic and integral part of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at Michaels and/or in their community.  The honorees are those acting as catalysts for change, whether that be through internal efforts to improve DE&I within the organization, or through their contributions outside of the company to further transform their specific geographic region, neighborhood, or in the real estate/property management industry at large. 

The award is named for Jackie Jones who started working for Michaels in 1981 as a property manager at one of our affordable communities. Jackie was a pioneer and an innovator, a glass-ceiling-shattering and boundary-breaking leader, mentor, and role model, who was foundational to our mission of Lifting Lives. She believed in “Seeking the Highest Ground” and was always pushing others to do the same. 

All nominations for the Jackie Jones Award are reviewed and selected by Michaels' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

This year, Regional Property Manager Nichol Corbin was given the honor of winning the second annual Jackie Jones Award.

Throughout her career, Nichol has made it a goal to provide a welcoming environment for each and every one of her teammates and residents. 

In her nominations for this award, multiple teammates expressed how when they think of culture and diversity, Nichol is the first person that comes to mind. One teammate shared, “She is a joy to work with and has taught our team a lot about acceptance in differences and cultures. I don't think I have ever worked under anyone that cares that much to include all and make all feel comfortable with who they are.”

Another explained how he was initially nervous to be judged because of his Indian culture when interviewing for his current position – “When I interviewed for this position at Charleston Place I was worried about being judged by my culture or ethnicity. When I showed up to the interview I was surprised at how accepting Nichol Corbin was towards me.”

Some of the initiatives that Nichol has implemented at her communities include welcoming a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and religions in resident events, especially during the holiday season where Nichol will be sure to include food and decorations to celebrate all holidays. Additionally, Nichol has also implemented alternative solutions to the pool rules at her communities with information on how to obtain full wetsuits for swimming for Muslim and Hindu residents.

Inside and outside of her work with Michaels, Nichol is an advocate for DEI in all that she does. She has participated in LGBTQ+ pride walks and also studies history and art to learn more about diversity and culture.

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