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Odeal Davis And Randy Pittman Named 2023 Jackie Jones Award Winners

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In 2021, Michaels created the Jackie Jones Award to recognize individuals or groups who have been dynamic catalysts for change, actively advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within Michaels and/or in their broader communities. All nominations are reviewed and winners are selected by Michaels' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. 

The award is named for Jackie Jones, a long-time Michaels teammate and the Founding Director of Michaels’ social services program — now its own independent non-profit organization, Better Tomorrows.

Jackie is remembered as the ultimate teammate – a compassionate, dynamic, and iconic industry trailblazer. Throughout her 26 years at Michaels, she made a tremendous impact on our organization, her colleagues, and the lives of our residents. Her memory and legacy live on in our Core Value “Seek the Highest Ground” – a reminder to embrace the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives that make us who we are.

Michaels is proud to honor two remarkable individuals who perfectly exemplify the spirit of Jackie Jones with this year's award — Odeal Davis (Mrs. Dee), Community Manager at Abundance Square, and Randy Pittman, Compliance Specialist at Pacific Beacon.

Mrs. Dee has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) both within the workplace and the community. Through her leadership and advocacy, she has been instrumental in implementing inclusive hiring practices, facilitating employee training and education, and participating in community engagement initiatives, outreach programs, mentoring initiatives, and partnerships with local organizations.

She has played a crucial role in policy development and actively contributed to the creation of policies and practices that address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her commitment to measurement and accountability, through data-driven approaches, has set a standard for positive change within our organization.

Randy Pittman's dedication to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion is exemplified through over 23 years of diligent volunteering with the local San Diego Pride Parade & Festival. Randy takes this volunteer opportunity seriously, investing personal time to support all Pride volunteers before, during, and after the parade and festival.

His commitment to treating all individuals with fairness, respect, and inclusivity has made a significant impact. Whether interacting with team members, sailors, or Command Chiefs, he consistently demonstrates a genuine and caring attitude, fostering an environment where everyone feels included and valued.

Shared December 12, 2023.

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