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Tap Michaels Experts For Your Next Event

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Need expert speakers for your next Webinar, Virtual or Live Event? Please consider tapping the resources of The Michaels Organization, a national leader in residential real estate, whose professionals can speak to a wide variety of topics related to development, management, finance, and construction as well as industry trends and initiatives.

Among the topics our experts can speak to are:

  • Acquisition Opportunities in Affordable Housing
  • Acquisition/Preservation Bond Deals
  • Affordable Housing & Urban Design Best Practices
  • Affordable housing development within ethnic enclaves 
  • Affordable housing insurance
  • Analyzing QAPs and identifying areas of focus
  • Bond Transactions
  • Building and sustaining partnerships
  • CDBG-DR Process
  • Challenges & opportunities of in-place rehabs during a pandemic
  • Challenges & Opportunities with a "build first" public housing revitalization
  • Challenges of pro-forma vs. actual - deal progression
  • CHOICE Neighborhoods
  • Communication with your stakeholder & partners.
  • Community Partners
  • Contactless tours- ways to decrease the touch points in leasing
  • Coping with the Affordable Housing Crisis Across Income Ranges
  • Cost & Trade-offs of Energy Efficient Designs
  • Design / Construction
  • Dev. Environment in the Caribbean - PR and USVI
  • Developers and Community Improvement w/gentrification
  • Developing a LIHTC pipeline
  • Healthcare and Housing
  • Historic preservation
  • How to keep your teams motivated during the pandemic
  • HUD Compliance & related matters
  • Improving diversity in the housing industry
  • Increased digital advertising and new ways to reach student resident prospects
  • Leasing in a pandemic
  • LIHTC Compliance & related matters
  • Managing challenging construction delays during the development process
  • Managing the Closing Process
  • Managing construction and handover to management
  • Managing mixed income deals with mixed financing requirements
  • Monetizing student housing assets for capital improvements on campus
  • Negotiating shared development roles & responsibilities in a JV w/non-profit partner
  • On-Campus and Off-Campus housing; maximizing private-public partnerships
  • Optimize PBS8 MU2M transactions w/LIHTCs
  • Originating acquisition opportunities
  • P3 partnerships for student housing
  • Planning & Building Design/Integrate safety measures
  • Political process - Municipal, state & federal relationships and their impacts on affordable housing development

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